Monday, November 26, 2012

Cam & Amy

Cam and Amy are a fabulous artistic couple who purchased their engagement ring from Alice Riordan Estate Jewelry. Amy is a watercolor artist, she sells them on Etsy and you can view them on her blog Funamals. Check out Cam's work on his blog  he is incredibly talented too!

"Cam proposed to me on Christmas Day 2011. I woke up and the ring was on my finger. It was cute. I never expected him to propose like that, but it makes sense as he is quiet and careful with his words. I remember I was shocked and then when I looked at the ring I just kept staring at it because I couldn't believe how beautiful it was. It was perfect. I guess he had carried the ring with him since the spring prior waiting for the right moment." -Amy

Cam & Amy
Amy painted her ring using watercolors
Wedding announcement

"Our wedding was beautiful and VERY handmade. I met my maid of honor in art school and she made my veil. We also arranged all of the flowers and corsages ourselves. I wore my Mother's dress with a few upgrades to it and I had handmade jewelry for myself and my bridesmaids by etsy seller, ceramicist heather Robinson (a local artist). We had a traditional Lutheran wedding in a big old church in downtown Grand Rapids and we rode a school bus to our wedding reception." -Amy

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